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Quickbooks to AccountEdge Conversions

Quickbooks online is not a good solution for lots of small businesses.

Pricing can run from $30 a month to $200 per month for the software without payroll

Payroll is an additional $45 to $125 per month plus $6 to $10 a month per user

Quickbooks Online Advanced Disadvantages ($3900 to $5100/yr for 5 users with payroll and support)

A - Has a limit of 250 accounts in the Chart of Accounts

B - No inventory management or Assembled items creation

C - Does not support job tracking

D - Bank and Credit Card feeds only go back 90 days,

E - Does not support Retainers / Escrows / Trusts

F - You can't choose when upgrades will occur.

G - Importing into Quickbooks online only allows Comma Seperated Values and only Date, Description, and Amount. (No categories, memos, check#)

H - Online version  is completely different than the desktop version.

I - No built-in backup function (

J - No built-in restore function (

K - You give up control of your data

L - You have all the risks on online accounts (Hackers, unreliable internet connection)

M - If you terminate your subscription Quickbooks may opt to provide you with read-only access to your file. (At Intuit's sole discretion)

Quickbooks Pro - Macintosh Verson Limitations - $949/yr for 3 users (Won't find it on their website!!!)

A - All of the windows limitations in the windows version also apply to the mac version of Quickbooks.

B - Limited to a total of 14,500 Names (Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Other Names)

C - Limit of 14,500 inventory items

D - Limited to 3 users

E - Quickbooks Pro Mac cannot generate an accountants copy.

F - Quickbooks Pro Mac cannot handle multi-currency.

E - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have built in payroll.  Must do online payroll at an extra expense.

G - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have units of measure or assembly items.

H - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have item price levels.

I - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have online bill pay.

J  -  Quickbooks Pro Mac file is not cross platform.  The file must be converted to move between platforms.

Quickbooks Enterprise is the only desktop version left, and it is very expensive

We believe a much better solution is Accountedge.

1 - Actual Cost of the Accountedge is 1/5 the cost of Quickbook Enterprise

2 - The data file is coss platform (The file can be run on either Macintosh and Windows)

3 - Your CPA gets a free copy

4 - According to Forbes "the best software for Inventory Management"

4 - The feature set is equivilant to Quickbooks Enterprise

5 - You get a $100 rebate credit to you Accountedge Subscription just for switching.

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