A - All of the windows limitations in the windows version also apply to the mac version of Quickbooks.
B - Quickbooks Pro Mac limits in the number of users in the file at a time to 5 users.
C - Quickbooks Pro Mac cannot generate an accountants copy.
D - Quickbooks Pro Mac cannot handle multi-currency.
E - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have built in payroll.  Must do online payroll at an extra expense.
F - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have units of measure or assembly items.
G - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have item price levels.
H - Quickbooks Pro Mac does not have online bill pay.
I  -  Quickbooks Pro Mac file is not cross platform.  The file must be converted to move between platforms.

The price to get around these issues is not cheap.  If your a windows user you have to change to Quickbooks Enterprise with optional advance inventory and full service plan ($999 + $999 + $950= $2948). If your a Mac user you must run windows in a vitural machine, plus all the windows expenses.

Quickbooks Pro is not a good solution for lots of small businesses.

In fact Quickbooks is no longer being made for Macintosh

Quickbooks to AccountEdge Conversions

A - Quickbooks Pro limits in the number of Cards - Once your Quickbooks Pro file contains a total of 14,500 cards or 10,500 for any type of cards (Customers, Vendors, Employees, or Others) you can no longer enter new cards without deleting previous cards.  That is equal to only 40 new cards per day for a full year.  Any card with transactions attached can not be deleted inside of Quickbooks Pro.
B - Quickbooks Pro has a 3 user limit in the file at a time. (Premier Version - 5 users - Price $400) .
C - Quickbooks Pro cannot track items to specific bins within a warehouse or separate inventory locations.
D - Quickbooks Pro cannot scan barcodes to enter data quickly.
E - Quickbooks Pro cannot give the inventory value between multiple locations.
F - Quickbooks Pro cannot transfer items between inventory sites.
G - Quickbooks Pro cannot give flexibility in user permissions in the file.

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