Quickbooks to AccountEdge Conversions

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Built in feature set
AccountEdge has the following features lacking in Quickbook Enterprise
Cost Comparison over 5 year for 6 users
AccountEdge Price
Quickbooks Enterprise Price
Initial Investment with 6 total Users
$3800 (include 1st yr of Full Service)
Advanced InventoryAlready built into AccountEdge$999/yr = $4995
AE Payroll Tax Tables & Full Service Plan (Per Year)
$349/yr = $1740
Quickbooks Full Service Plan (Per Year)
$1450/yr = $5800
Annual Product Upgrades
Included w/Payroll & Support Plans
Included with Full Service Plan

Total 5 year cost

Most business owners plan on having  their business software of over 5 years.  Over the course of 5 years the cost of operating AccountEdge Pro is much less that cost of operating Quickbooks Enterprise.
Below is listed some of the advantages of AccountEdge compared to Quickbooks Enterprise Version

We feel AccountEdge is the best small business accounting software on the market today.  In many ways AccountEdge Pro is equal to Quickbooks Enterprise.


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AccountEdge Pro
Quickbooks Enterprise
Built in payroll processing and basic tax forms
Included - print W2 / W3/ 1099
Subscription - $360/yr + $24/employee
Iphone and Ipad Apps
Free - Limited Data Subset
Full Data Subset - $660/yr per user
Retainers / Escrow / Trusts
Built in FeatureNO
Cross Platform FileBuilt in FeatureNO
Free Copy of Program for your Accountant
Free for your AccountantNO
Ability to import and export almost all data
Built in Feature
Additional 3rd party software required
Multiple Location Inventory Tracking 
Built in Feature
Additional $999/year